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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to Saint Bernards, there are probably a few questions you have. These are the most common questions we are asked. We hope you find this helpful.
1. Is there a difference between a wet-mouth & a dry-mouth Saint Bernard?
No. In movies, Saints are enticed with treats & given lots of water to make the salivate so much. Saints do drool, especially when eating or drinking, or even when they get really excited, but not like what you see on TV & on the movies. The best bet is to have a drool-rag handy, so you can wipe their mouth.
2. How much do your puppies cost?
Prices range depending on the quality of the puppies & their pedigrees.
3. Can my Saint be a house dog?
While Saints aren't the most atheletic dogs, they do need lots of exercise, especially during the first couple of years. If you keep your Saint inside, make sure he gets lots of exercise outside. Let him run & play. If you keep him in a crate, let him out as much as possible. Also, if there are stairs in your home, you may think it's a good place let them play, but limit their time on the stairs. They are tough on young joints if that's the only exercise they get. As long as you give your Saint exercise & love, they can certianly be a lovable house pet!
4. How big do Saint Bernards get?
According to AKC standards, males should be a minimum of 27.5 inches and femals should be a minimum of 25.5 inches at the shoulder.
For additional information on the Saint Bernard, and other breeds, please visit the American Kennel Club at